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 ︎︎︎ Lynn Lee Yuet & Doris Duan

About OhhCream

We are graphic design studio OhhCream, founded by Lynn Lee Yuet and Doris Duan, collaborating as a design & research team since 2018. We focus on the design and art direction of independent publications and digital media. The projects that we work on are characterized by a strong visual language with a special interest in typography and colour interaction. The process, or spontaneous aspect, plays an important role in our work. This develops into a playful but experimental way to visualise ideas.


About WIBD

WIBD (Women Inspired By Design) is an independent zine about contemporary women designers and artists. It focuses on women designers’ discovery and critical thinking about themselves, their surroundings, objects and other phenomena.

The zine has two parts: One woman designer, and another woman who can give inspiration to women’s design. Each issue will cover a specific woman designer’s academic research, course of development and art/design works from multiple dimensions; and will also introduce one woman designer or artist who has had an effect on their work. We hope to showcase the power of women in design through different methods of recording and sharing.
#01   Performance Art

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Based in Shanghai